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Our sincere greetings. we are very glad to get your acquaintance. Our organisation NIZHAL strives to take cinema to common people. By taking, we don't just mean film viewing but also film making. In order to achieve that goal we have undertaken many measures , some of which are listed below.

➥ As part of the centenary celebration of Indian Cinema in the year 1995, We screened important Indian cinema, world cinema, documentaries and short films in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu, both in rural and urban centers. By repeated screenings, we have also helped to establish rural film clubs at many places. we have conducted 4064 such screenings so far.

➥ In order to educate people in our mother tongue about cinema, We have published twenty five books in Tamil on cinema as listed below.
1. Cinema for the people ( Latin American cinema ) 1995
2. African Cinema - 1996
3. Sixteen directors of political Cinema
4. Iranian Cinema
5. Cinematic bodies of Kimkiduk
6. Biography of K.P. Sundarambal.
7. Unspoken Cinema ( History of documentaries and short films)
8. Acting
9. Frames and windows of cinema
10. The film adulteration of Kamal
11. modern kannada cinema
12. The dimensions of Tamil cinema
13. The magic lantern ( biography of Bergman)
14. Centenarian Balaiah.
15. Story, Screenplay and Direction
16. Film Editing etc.

➥ WE are publishing a quarterly film magazine NIZHAL for the last Twenty Years.

➥ We organize and conduct Short film work shops in villages,cities, clubs, colleges and universities all over Tamil Nadu. The week long work shop teaches the participants to make their own feature films, short films and documentaries. Theoretical and practical classes are conducted for about ten hours a day. The subjects include, History of short films and documentaries, methods of film making , Ways of participating in International film festivals , Acting,Cinematography, Make-up, Lighting, story, screenplay writing and Direction. On the last day , the participants make their own short films and documentaries. Important world cinemas are screened every night, followed by a discussion on the finer points of the film. So far, we have trained 6500 participants. About Two hundreds of them are currently working in Tamil film industry. We are proud to say that Eight of them are front-line feature film directors. Many articles have been published about our work shops in Tamil and English, magazines and newspapers.

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We have structured our curriculum based on the needs of the industry and train them vigorously with the intricacies of the art not to get jobs but to impregnate their art in the history of media. Through a cutting edge program taught by inspired, gifted experts, we equip students with aesthetic, theortical and practical knowledge and are their gateway to professional opportunity and excellence in their choosen fields.

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